Mindcraft18, Milano Designweek

Mindcraft18 at San Simpliciano Cloister, Milano Italy, 2018
Mindcraft is an award winning international exhibition concept presented by The Danish Arts Foundation. Curation and exhibition design by Ditte Hammerstrøm.

All is Flux #7 and #8 are a radical experiment based on enlarging and highlighting the tactile properties of ceramic glaze as a manifestation of the constant state of flux that characterizes the entire physical world, even if some transformation processes are so slow as to appear imperceptible. The liquid glaze is transformed in the kiln, but the apparent permanence of its new, solid form is merely an illusion, a temporary stage. Like a tactile snapshot, the works can be seen as a single point in the lifespan of the objects – just as there was a time before their current state, there is an ‘after’. Over time, the objects will break down, dissolve and re-emerge as new physical manifestations. The objects consist entirely of thick layers of different glazes that are poured into sharply defined rectangles and kiln-fired at 1280 degrees Celsius. In the kiln the glaze melts, boils and bubbles up, the process transforming the texture and appearance of the material and blurring the edges of the rectangular shape. A sudden reduction in the temperature freezes the chemical reaction. The complex and ambiguous textures can be seen both as primordial matter and as a manmade material in the process of melting and transformation.

Exhibition view
All is Flux #7 and All is Flux #8.
Several glazes in layers, wooden structures in black stained pinewood.

All is Flux #7 and #8.
198 x 98 x 5,5 cm. and 195 x 94 x 5,5 cm. Several glazes in layers.

Detail All is Flux #8.

Detail All is Flux #8.

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