Gitte Jungersen investigates the ceramic process as a phenomenon in itself, where the transforming aspect of both ceramics and existence is laid bare.

Ceramic can be defined as clay and other mineral materials that are fired at a high temperature and subsequently cooled. It is the firing that makes ceramics what it is, and for Jungersen this has always been the most intriguing aspect, the process that distinguishes ceramics from other media. Ever since her education she has investigated the transformative process and its inherent potential to bring out both meaning and formal aspects.

The works are characterized by a unique materiality, initiated by chemical processes, where the ceramic firing is central, and acts as a dual power: genesis and decomposition all at the same time. The objects appear as vibrant materiality, which seem to be captured in a dynamic state of transformation. Her work challenges the tactile potential of the ceramic medium, by pushing material and process to the limit. This encounter between chemistry and artistic investigation become an exploration of the constant state of flux that characterizes the entire physical world, even if some transformation processes are so slow as to appear imperceptible.

Each object is made up of several layers of glazes, which fuse when melting, and when cooling, are captured on the edge between chaos and control, like a solidified snapshot of an intense process. The objects evoke dual associations in their textures and colours: As a raw and chaotic force of nature, they also associate to a synthetic artificiality in both colour and texture. The works trigger a feeling of the uncontrollable and the catastrophic, despite the fact that the ceramic materiality appear as beautiful and alluring to the senses.

Gitte Jungersen (b. 1967) is a Danish ceramic artist, living in Copenhagen. Jungersen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 1993. She is the recipient of numerous honorary grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, The National Bank of Denmark’s Anniversary Foundation etc. Her works are exhibited internationally and are in the collections of amongst others Public Art Agency Sweden, The National Museum Stockholm, KODE Norway, Designmuseum Danmark, The Danish Arts Foundation, Musee Ariana Schwitzerland, Nordenfjeldske National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design Norway.
In addition to her artistic practice, Jungersen is a frequent guest teacher, lecturer and examinator at university level in the Scandinavian countries.

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