Garth Johnsson: Employing Agency (2022)

Gitte Jungersen: A Quivering Undertone (2022)

Jorunn veiteberg: Between Control and Chaos (2018)

Lars Dybdahl: Introduction (2018)

Gitte Jungersen: A Frozen Moment (2018)

Jorunn Veiteberg: Thing Thang Trash (2011)

Yves Peltier: Gitte Jungersen (2008)

Rikke Rosenberg: Place for a Secret (2008) 


The book is published by Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2018.
An overview of work from 1995 to 2018, with comprehensive illustrated documentation of around sixty pieces. With an introduction by Lars Dybdahl, main text by Jorunn Veiteberg,
graphic design by Nete Banke, and printed by Narayana Press.

140 pages. Soft cover.
ISBN 978-3-89790-523-8

Available in selected museum bookstores, or webshops.
You are also welcome to purchase a book by sending me an email:
gittejungersen(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com
Price is 60 euro plus postage.