Fire Works, Gustavsbergs Konsthall

Exhibition at Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Sweden 2016

A duo exhibition with Gitte Jungersen and Kristine Tillge Lund. 
The exhibition enables us to follow the artists exploration of the long history of pottery, stretching back for thousands of years, as well as its current actuality. Their artefacts shape a narrative of ceramic art which deals with even the tiniest aspects of the clay and glazes. The two ceramicists worked independently, but with a shared point of departure: firing ceramics as a process of transformation, investigating ceramics as a cultural and historical phenomenon, as well as existence and process.
excerpt of exhibition text)


All is Flux #6 (2016)
86 x 139 x 5 cm. Several glazes in layers.


Detail All is Flux #6.


Setting up Fireworks, All is Flux #2.



All is Flux #2 (2015)
85 x 108 x 7 cm. Several glazes in layers.


Exhibition view, Fireworks (2016)


All is Flux #4 (2016)
81 x 130 x 6 cm. Several glazes in layers.


Detail, All is Flux #4.


Kristine and I in front of her videowork.