In a series of vessels, the blue colour unfolds in material expressions that contain both darkness, destruction and beauty. Cobalt blue is ”the king of colours” in ceramics, known from porcelain production all over the world. Cobalt oxide is a metal which is mined from the earths’ crust and used as a coloring agent in ceramic glazes.  Depending on the chemical composition of the glaze it can produce a range of blue shades.

I have always been fascinated by ceramics as a cultural refinement of raw materials that enter into a dialogue with nature’s own processes. There is a parallel between the process of melting and transmutation and the powerful forces at play in geological erosion and in the raging fire that is constantly transforming the minerals in the earth’s core. In the kiln, the materials undergo a gradual change, and at top temperature the transmutation peaks: the glaze becomes a boiling, liquid mass where minerals melt, and atoms switch places, bonding together to form new molecules. Destruction and creation at once. – What was once a calcium atom in a starfish skeleton is now part of a deep blue glaze.






more to come… soon