Thank you to the Danish Arts Foundation!

The Danish Arts Foundation awarded me a very generous work grant this year, thank you!

The foundation’s motivation: Ceramicist Gitte Jungersen is centrally placed in her professional field and expresses herself artistically in a fierce and present language that understands and continually challenges essential ceramic forces. Earth, chemistry, temperatures and gravity in constellations causing respective transformation, decomposition, dissolution and entirely new connections. You feel that you are facing something eternal when you encounter Jungersen’s experimental art. Whether you are out in the distant galaxies with black holes, or in a muddy flood of man-made constructions or simply staring at a bubbling congealed glaze surface, you are overwhelmed by raw beauty and insistent creative power. Many years of impressive work with glaze combinations and experiments with firing techniques have shown that Gitte Jungersen creates her very own characteristic structures, surfaces and colours.