Danmarks Nationalbank’s Appreciation Grant

December 2020. Danmarks Nationalbank Jubilee Foundation has awarded me the appreciation grant.

The foundation motivates the grant with the following words:
“Your starting point is very classic ceramic, intuitive and sensual, but then you shift gears, and squeeze your work into precisely conceived concepts, which are fresh and innovative for the work with the ceramic materials. You have more than pretty good control over how you stage and partially controls the chaos you seek. Because it will become chaos when you work with glazes in such huge amounts as you do. And of course it is part of the point that you can only to some degree control the chaos, and thus you let the glaze define the work. Your works are radical and ground breaking, and you let the vivid, and for ceramics unusual, primary colours dominate and draw the hardcore classic pottery up off the couch. Your works are experimental and one of the strengths of your work is that it always surprises the viewer, and goes new ways. You are constantly moving forward, towards something new, something different, something yet more extreme. Or completely silent. Who knows? The foundation hopes that with this grant you will have the opportunity to maintain both freedom, quality and enthusiasm for more exciting projects.”