Jungersens works are pure physical presence, and draw on ceramics as a bodily and contemplative substance. The objects appear as vibrant materiality, which seem to be captured in a dynamic state of transformation. The tactile surfaces of the works are like a language beyond words communicating to the body of the viewer. The intention is to create a strong sense of physical presence, as if one is absorbed into the material.

Jungersen aims to push the tactile possibilities of ceramics to the limit, and investigates ceramic glaze as a phenomenon in itself. Thus the firing process is central, and acts as a dual power: genesis and decomposition all at the same time. Each object is made up of several layers of glazes, which fuse when melting, and when cooling, are captured on the edge between chaos and control, like a solidified snapshot of an intense process. The objects evoke dual associations in their textures and colors: As a raw and chaotic force of nature, they also associate to a futuristic artificiality in both color and texture.
The sensation of scale is blurred, to produce a feeling of zooming in and out at the same time, as if looking at something monumental, but also at a world inside the material, as something visible through a microscope. The works trigger a feeling of the uncontrollable and the catastrophic, despite the fact that the ceramic materiality appear as beautiful and alluring to the senses. Whether it is imminent dissolution that waits, or a new narrative about to take shape, remains open.



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